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Zhangjiajie State Guest Hotel is located in the Wulingyuan District of Zhangjiajie, adjacent to the charming Xiangxi Performance Base. It is a resort hotel integrating exhibitions and tourism.
JiaZhangjiajie State Guest Hotel Co., Ltd. is managed by Shandong Luneng Co., Ltd. It integrates accommodation, catering, exhibitions, vacations, and entertainment. The hotel has a building area of 31,000 square meters, and has more than 300 sets of various Southeast Asian ethnic style rooms. The decoration is simple and generous, and it shows luxury in a low-key.
Each room in the hotel has an independent viewing balcony, which can give you a bird's-eye view of the surroundings and bring you the most desirable housing experience. It is worth mentioning that the hotel has the only set of lovers' special feature rooms in Hunan Province, which will make you feel the amazing enjoyment you have never experienced before.
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  • iamlutao
    Bad early dining, health and environment
  • joeclare
    So so
    Hotel location is very good, belongs to the core of scenic locations, service very good, breakfast very good!
  • mig23mld
    Hotel location is very good, is in the Wulingyuan Scenic sign near the door. Services and facilities did not have to say, is the hotel was too big, walked to our room from the main station is about 300 meters away from, for this we have walked very tired, this distance is too long.
  • fujiangyun
    This is great, special room environment is also very good
  • e04395168
    Yes, very much
  • naotie
    Overall good
  • cocci2006
    Rooms on the first floor there are a lot of musty.
  • lancelot_jump
    Nice hotel
  • fedelu
    Up to 4 stars.
  • lifemaster88
    Flea-infested room had children a bath to bed not long after some bumps later at the flea bite and the shower room only high fixed shower heads can't bathe and wash children without hand shower head design is very impersonal hotel location good room large bed large
  • ndjd990518
    Landscape on the edge of a large great room was more than close at supermarkets General prices higher but the holidays have no idea
  • careen
    Hotel near the gate of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area rooms
  • Eaisy
    According to Jin uploaded, breakfast and service-like, but in the Wulingyuan Scenic Spot ticket entrance, highlights a day fruits
  • yun.cloudboy
    Is in the Wulingyuan scenic spot near the entrance is very convenient
  • babyday
  • candyevan
    Hotel location is very good and comfortable
  • LostinLijiang
    Hotel Wulingyuan gate 10 minutes away from the road, and it was a 1-way, 2-way is convenient for the yellow Dragon Cave, baofeng Lake, hotel Korea many people, really nothing to eat for breakfast.
  • fanxing99999
    Great great great hotel, come again!
  • fairty
    At the hotel, big room and cost-effective. Wulingyuan toll station, along the river for about 1000 meters, breakfast is rich. out of the hotel and turn left and walk about 1000 m there are various local food and local products.
  • bluespl
    Jing an
  • aotaoji888
    Pretty good
  • wormlovepig
    Very good
  • arslan
    Flea-infested room had children a bath to bed not long after some bumps later at the flea bite and the shower room only high fixed shower heads can't bathe and wash children without hand shower head design is very impersonal hotel location good room large bed large
  • wuyu1129
    Nice hotel, good location, room was good, and can recommend.
  • allan31
    Environment. service is good ... the room was very clean. next time stay
  • four37
    Services can also be, but lost in a hotel a little genius tablet, cord is not found, make people feel bad, I was drunk.
  • j7979
    Very nice environment, and is elegant and quiet! service very attentive!
  • bluecx7565
    Overall felt good, very tall on the live comfortable. Wulingyuan is also very near, only a ten minutes walk from! but breakfast very average, but can have a bowl of porridge for my stomach feel comfortable. Nice.
  • g13008
    Locations good, away from Wulingyuan door (logo door) is near, can go with to, we live has three days, for times roundtrip into scenic of. around many bus, to other attractions also is convenient, for example to huanglong hole, baofeng Lake sat 1 Road, 2 road on directly to, directly save playing of money. breakfast rich, style more, dish products of making level to be further improve. breakfast set in a floor Hall will anti-flies, this compared difficult do. facilities, service, health aspects, is cannotClaim to be 5 stars, modest little say they are 3 stars or people can have some psychological preparation, but worthy of this price, OK. see Japan team, Korea team staying here.
  • surrender
    Room was large, very clean and worth living
  • nissin1234
    At the gate of Zhangjiajie logo, 5 minutes walk to. After watching the Zhangjiajie of Hunan province, hotels out of the left-hand side went to the first turning on the left hand side, and love left the bus station in xiangxi. a 10-minute walk to! taxi to baofeng Lake 10 Yuan.
  • baifu870
    Yes, very clean.
  • dgfdgfd
    Nice hotel, room with balcony, clothes, is satisfied with this, the hotel has many Korea people, breakfast, hotel is near the Wulingyuan Scenic Area landmark, it is worth staying
  • dirstf
    Wulingyuan Scenic attractions to export 200 meters, comfort Hotel, big room and also a lot of places to eat nearby, it is worth staying
  • jujuisle
    Midnight knock on the door, not knowing why, nothing with a roar, but dare not to sleep, a building boom, Wulingyuan symbol close, easy to play!
  • local123
    Location distance logo door scenic is near, very convenient. front desk waiter is professional, answers is thoughtful. no buildings, hotel is big. wood barrels bathtub is comfortable, has one-time plastic bags also compared health. personal feel breakfast also is good of, although has States, around of visitors, but at least I is no encountered is noisy crowded of situation. General also is feel worth staying.
  • mimimaman
    Set a minimum of three nights, stay two nights really advance home. Finally one night room charge for the hotel. health is not flattered, stair Hall is black and dark and dirty! bathroom shower curtains dirty people puke. suggested going to Pullman to try international should be better.
  • bafic
    Hotel hardware condition is very good, near attractions, very convenient.
  • MijaSUN
    Room was large, well
  • guona1008
    Hotel looks very high grades, parking lot is large, from the Wulingyuan Scenic Spot ticket station is also very near, walk ten minutes,
  • xiaole215
    Hardware OK little service location
  • elainedeng
    OK, but is far from the formal high-star hotel standard deviation
  • bensgao
    Room is so bad, the price is more expensive, around some noise!
  • e01496557
    Very satisfied
  • ayue_81
    Special rooms, cheap. While on the first floor, is still quite comfortable.
  • xiaolixia1995
    Very good hotel, excellent surroundings, really recommend
  • cavadecor01
    Very good hotel ... very much.
  • cocowang
    Opened the door and saw the whole room bedroom, I do not know how to design, you should not open the door is an aisle.
  • EFDJason
    Hotel in great location, is near from the scenic area, Zhangjiajie scenic spot needed multiple entry, easy to live here the next day into the playing area. room facilities were good, breakfast, recommended